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Aug. 6th, 2004 @ 12:57 am Art Posts
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Doc and I have gathered some stuff together to being our art hosting.
This is how it will work:

1. Each artist will have their own post with their name as the subject. They will be stored in memories for quick access.

2. When an artist that is currently archived here updates and/or submits a new piece, Doc or I will edit that new piece into that artist's ORIGINAL post. We will keep you all posted for updates in the user info, so check there often.

3. You will be able to review art in the comments section. Please keep the reviews positive, even when offering constructive critiques. If you DONT like something, that doesn't mean its bad art. The golden rule is that if you dont have something polite to say, dont say it at all.

4. Though the subject material belongs to JKR, the art itself belongs to the artist alone. PN hosts this art with permission from the artist. If you wish to use this art for your own purposes, (ex: icons) please contact the artist (not us!) and ask him/her.

Thanks guys, enjoy!
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Cheers! (Drawing by Marta)