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This community was made to host the work of The Evil Twins (Pelirroja and Gryffinjack) and other by-invitation authors. Most of what you will find are Harry Potter humor discussions, parodies, and humorous HP fanfiction ans fanart. Take note, the discussions and posts that occur here are liable to fall into the depths of sillyness and R-ratedness at any given time. If you have no interest in Harry Potter, have no sense of humor, or are easily offended, I would strongly advise clicking your back button now.

Membership is restricted to those over 17. Please do NOT even bother applying if you are under that age. The moderators will double and triple check each request to ensure that none are underage. All posts with the exception of art or fic posts are locked for members to read only.

This community contains R rated content. You have been warned.

All fiction and art hosted can be found in the Memories section for quick access.
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